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 Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:17 pm


The alpha is the highest rank in a wolf pack. They are known for leading the pack and making the final call. They are the most respected in a pack and are known best for accepting wolves into the pack, assigning ranks and tasks, and protecting the pack to the best of their abilities. An Alpha may rule alone, with a mate, or with another wolf of the opposite gender if it's needed to keep order in your pack.


A beta is known as the second highest rank and second most powerful wolf in a pack. These wolves are respected by alpha's and are usually trusted. They are usually called on by Alpha's when an Alpha has a difficult call to make and needs help deciding something. Beta's are able to discipline pack members as they see fit, lead a hunt, or assist the Alpha when need be. Each pack is allowed one beta, however if that beta has a mate, he/she too becomes a beta.


A Shaman is a very well respected wolf of the pack. There may be up to one Shaman per pack, no exceptions. A Shaman is a wolf is who like a healer. They are required to care for and help their pack mates and are skilled in herbs and other medical practices. Their number one priority is keeping their pack safe and disease free.

Lead Warrior

When an Alpha is deciding lead warriors, they have a few deciding factors to look out for such as a wolf who is cunning, patient, stable, patient, etc... The lead warrior is usually at the front of an attack and is leading it, unless an Alpha decides to lead instead. Lead Warrior's plan out the attacks and put them into action. These wolves must be strategic and brave to be able to lead their pack. These wolves are also respected among their pack mates.

Lead Hunter

When a hunt is necessary and a Beta or Alpha is unable to lead it, the Lead Hunter's are in charge. They, like the Lead Warrior's have to be strategic as they plan out where they're going to go based on prey count. Their main priority is feeding the pack and making sure they are all healthy and well fed and that no one goes starved.


A hunter is just that... The hunter of a pack hunts and finds prey for his/her pack to eat. Though the Lead Hunter's job is to make sure no one starves, a majority of that work falls on a hunter, who's job is to go out and do most of the hunting. The hunter is under the command of a Lead Hunter and must follow his/her instructions.


A warrior is a wolf who is trained to fight for his/her pack. They are under the direct command of Lead Warriors. While Lead Warriors are best at planning attacks, Warriors do a majority of this work too, fighting for the well being of their pack.


An Apprentice is a wolf in training to become a specific rank. If a wolf is training to be a warrior, they will be taken under the wing of an actual warrior and learn the ways of that rank.


These are wolves who haven't been in a pack long enough for their rank to be decided by the Alpha. These aren't as uncommon to see as you might think. New comers to the back are instantly given this rank until further notice.


Omegas are the second lowest rank next to a pup, however low their rank might be, they are just as important for the pack's survival and should be respected. The wolves who have been given this rank, have done something that the alpha has deemed irresponsible for the wolf's previous rank.


Pups are a babies of the pack and must be respected and taken care of as they are the future of the pack. Pups are respected enough and are loved and cared for by pack members.
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Pack Ranks
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