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 As Unpredictable as Aelous

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PostSubject: As Unpredictable as Aelous   Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:55 pm


【General Information】

Nicknames:Rogue Leader

Age:2 Years 3 Months

Allegiance:Rogue Pack

Species:Canis Lupus Arctos


Height:28 Inches
Weight:122 Pounds

Coat:Aelous has long, thick and rugged black fur. Like his sister's pelt, his tends to keep him warm in the winter. It has been proven a chore to clean his fur, seeing as he never does it.
Eyes: Aelous has pale blue, naturally small and narrowed optics.

Build:Aelous is a taller than average brute that can only be described as extremely muscular.

【Personal Information】

:: Personality ::
Positive:Intelligent, Alert, Determined
Neutral:Curious Ambitious, Sarcastic, Unpredictable
Negative:Short-tempered, Malicious, Cold & Calculating

Likes:Scaring others, Being respected
Dislikes:Overly excitable wolves, His sister
Fears:Being defeated by Althea

Goals:To show the packs who's really in charge

【Family & Others】

Parents:Mystery and Moon
Siblings: Althea (Female), Pandora (Female/Deceased), Adonis (Male/Deceased)



The change of this brute's personality started the day the attack came... While his sister, Althea and Moon were out hunting, rogues poured into camp, attacking everyone they could find, including Mystery and the rest of his siblings. When he spotted Althea, another of one of the only surviving wolves, he felt as if she was the one that somehow lead them to camp, and blamed the destruction of their pack on her. He vowed from that day forward that he would get revenge.

After the coast was clear, Aelous(Ajax at the time) left the camp, following a different path then Althea. Of course, by this point, Helios refused to join a pack, not wanting to feel the same pain he had that day. Being the age of an apprentice also meant that this wolf couldn't survive without the help of a much older one, and it was just his luck that a rogue (not one that attacked the pack) came across and took him under his wing, showing him the way of a rogue.

Everything was going great, the rogue was treating him well and was becoming more like a father figure to Ajax, and had even give him a new name, Aelous. The two of them had stumbled into a pack's territory one day, and it caused chaos in the brute's life. A fight broke out, one pack wolf against two rogues, in the end, the rogue that had taken Helios in, died.

This was the beginning of it all. Aelous created a little rogue pack, where he considered himself in charge. The goal was to destroy all of the packs so that everyone who survived could feel the same pain he had. His main target was Althea, Alphess of the Vanishing Shadows Pack.

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As Unpredictable as Aelous
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