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 The Devil's Daughter (Althea)

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PostSubject: The Devil's Daughter (Althea)   Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:32 pm


【General Information】


Age:2 Years 3 Months

Allegiance:Vanishing Shadows
Rank:Alpha Female

Species:Canis Lupus Arctos


Height:23 Inches (Small)
Weight:110 Pounds

Coat:Althea has long, thick, white fur that appears to be a chore to keep nice and neat. This fur does do her good in her territory by keeping her warm.
Eyes: Althea has pale blue, naturally large and intriguing optics.

Build:Althea is a small she-wolf and isn't very muscular. The majority of her muscles can be located in her hind legs, making her great at jumping.

【Personal Information】

:: Personality ::
Positive:Intelligent, Alert, Optimistic
Neutral:Honest, Adventurous, Curious
Negative:Short-tempered, Distancing, Challenging, Cold & Calculating

Likes:Hunting, Defending her Pack, Respectful Wolves
Dislikes:Being Disrespected, Being Ignored, Getting her Hopes up
Fears:Being betrayed

Goals:To defend her pack

【Family & Others】

Parents:Mystery and Moon
Siblings: [Formerly: Ajax]Helios (Male), Pandora (Female/Deceased), Adonis (Male/Deceased)



The cause of Althea's distancing nature resulted purely because of rogues. It was the rogues who attacked Moon, and the rogues who were found attacking the pack. Althea, being only the age of an apprentice, had no other choice. She couldn't take on one fully grown rogue, nevermind a whole group of them. Her only choice was to run, and run she did. She ran until she felt as if her paws would fall off, and even then she continued to run, putting as much distance between her and the rogues as possible for the young she-wolf. Of course, Althea, being quite young, would need help to survive, and that was what lead her to a neighboring pack's territory, where she was found by the Beta himself.

Being young, the neighboring pack, Vanishing Shadows, didn't see a problem in taking her in and raising her. She grew up learning how to socialize with others properly, how to be the best she could be, and most importantly, she learned leadership skills. Her past still haunted her, nightmares and the occasional depression. Which eventually started to shape her into what she is today.

When Althea was just a few months over a year old, a virus spread throughout her pack, wiping out a bunch of wolves. The Alpha pair at the time had just lost their Beta and Delta, and therefore, they needed to pick new ones. They were seeing a lot of leadership skills in the she-wolf they had recently brought into their pack, and they were pretty short on wolves to pick, and Althea was their first choice at Beta.

The virus had now spread to neighboring packs, making it a problem for everyone. Althea was almost two when it happened... the Alpha female had caught the virus and it finally killed her two months later. The Alpha male, who happened to be the female's mate, began to grow insane leaving the beta, Althea to take over. Althea ran her former alpha out of their pack and took over.

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The Devil's Daughter (Althea)
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