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We're a fairly new, friendly, and fun community with an organized site. We're always looking for more members to expand the packs! We hope to see you on the site!
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 ~ Site Rules ~

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PostSubject: ~ Site Rules ~   Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:54 pm

Respect is extremely important as it is needed to maintain a site and keep it up and running, and this site is no exception. Therefor we require our members to have respect for everyone. If you for whatever reason cannot respect another reason, you may be forced to leave the site.

This site is rated PG-13. While cussing is allowed to a minimum, do not make it constant. Mating, descriptive birth, and sexual content is strictly prohibited. This includes pictures, videos, gifs, etc... on the matter.

If you plan on being absent for any length of time, you may either PM a staff member and tell them how long you'll be gone for, or post it under 'absences'. If you are away from the site for a week without any activity, your account will be deemed inactive and will be removed from the site. If this occurs, you may create another account so long as you don't repeat your previous mistake.

Character Application
After joining our site, you have one week to begin your application. If you still haven't finished you will be given another week to complete your application. If during the first week you haven't started your application, you will be PMed by a staff member. If we haven't heard back from you in the next three days, your account will be removed from the site. If by the second week you haven't completed it, we will move it to the dead applications where you may later finish it.

This site is a Semi-Realistic wolf themed roleplay. Your character must have some realistic qualities. Your character must have a realistic fur coat, size, eye color, etc... The only thing not truly realistic is the fact that the wolves can speak to one another.

Do not take someone's history or their character. They have worked hard on it and they don't deserve to have it stripped away from them. You can come up with something yourself or find ideas somewhere.

When joining you are allowed three character slots. If you want more later, you may request the extra character slot(s) by PMing a staff member. If they see you can manage all three of the character slots you already have, they may or may not give you the extra slot. If they say you aren't ready quite yet, do not argue and cause them issues for they have their reasons.

Being a semi-lit roleplay group, we require your posts to be at least four lines long. Your roleplay posts may be a line shorter, however if this is seen to be a pattern with you, we'll warn you. After that it only depends on what we see fit. Double posting will not be allowed. If you see that you have made a mistake in your post, or feel that something should be added, edit your post instead of typing another post.

Controlling, God Modding, etc...
Just... don't do it. Do not control another member's character as it leaves them little to do. It is their character to control, not yours. We are not an elemental wolf rp or a power wolf rp, so powers and the like are not allowed!

Do not make a Mary-Sue character. No one's perfect and neither is your character. Your character should have an even balance of strengths and weaknesses. Also do not have your character in constant trouble or have too many weaknesses as it is equally annoying.

Do not over react to a post. Anything said in a roleplay post is there for the roleplay. Do not take anything said in the roleplay seriously, as they are only being their character!

Do not advertise in the roleplay sections or in the chatbox. There is a place made especially for it and it most definitely not in the chatbox (or the roleplay section).

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~ Site Rules ~
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